ISET Foundation has been established mainly for the promotion of science education focus in sub-urban and rural area of India.

In India, nearly 70 percent of the country’s population lives in rural areas where, for the first time since independence, the overall growth rate of population has sharply declined, according to the latest census.

Of the 121 crore Indian, 83.3 crore live in rural areas while 37.7 crore stay in urban areas, said the census of India’s 2011 Provisional Population Totals of Rural-Urban Distribution in the country, released by Union Home Secretary.

In India, the science education is having little strength towards development and innovation than other developing and developed countries mainly in rural.

According to UGC, approximately 20 million students get enrolment in various courses yearly, among 19%, students only enroll in science and 16% students enroll in engineering and technology that’s why we choose to work in promotion of the Indian science education.

Along with promotion of Scientific education, it has been focused on awareness towards health issues, consolidate Science and Society, Science & technology based agriculture

It has been also focused to build Healthcare centrers, build free science libraries, and build scientific institutions in the rural areas.

The main Moto behind establishment of this NGO is to promote Science Education & Technology planning and promotion among the poor student of India, studying in the small town and village; especially those who are studying Science subject and even not aware fully about the Science and Technology. But along with Science and Technology promotion, this NGO will also equally participate in the promotion and betterment of agriculture and health related issues all over the India mainly focused on small town and rural population.

Facilitate excellent scientific education & awareness and promotion of innovation, entrepreneurship, competitiveness, and stewardship toward science in our society.

Our Believes:

In transparency

In Charity with Dignity

In professionalism and dedication

ISET FOUNDATION’s vision is to be support and platform to motivate students and society toward science and energize toward innovation in field of science and technology.

1. Scientific education

2. Healthcare

3. Consolidate the science and society

4. Science & technology based agriculture

  1. To promote scientific education in high school and intermediate standards.

  2. To improve more thinking of students towards science.

  3. To implement and co-ordinate various projects aimed towards promotion and development of science and technology.

  4. To establish science library and reading rooms in semi urban and rural areas.

  5. To create Training/education centre and health centre

  6. To provide scholarship/Financial help to poor rural/village students for their science academic promotion

  7. To make efforts for the overall promotion of the science and technology in society.

  8. To establish and run various Welfare Centers to promote de-addiction, welfare of senior citizens, physically and mentally handicapped persons and overall human development

  9. To establish, manage and run high level Training Centers to bring out personalities in the fields of science education

  10. To work on projects for medical care and health developments using new technologies and inventions.

  11. To organize and conduct programmes on scientific education, health’s sanitation and nutrition among poor children

  12. To implement projects for development of agricultural in scientific way

  13. To implement projects for promotion of scientific techniques in semi-urban and rural areas

  14. To organize lectures, seminars, conferences, workshops, study groups, debates, symposia and  other  programmes at international, national, regional and state level for to develop innovative ideas towards science education and technologies.

  15. To accept donations, grants, presents, gifts and other offerings in the shape of movable or immovable properties and the same shall be utilized for the promotion of scientific education and technology

  16. To implement projects for start and run Science Institutes for scientific Studies at semi-urban and rural areas.

  17. To implement projects to edit, translate, publish book, pamphlets, periodicals, science posters, educative and informative material that may be considered desirable for promotion of science

  18. To enhance the interaction between scientists (of India as well abroad from different field of Science) and motivated students

  19. To provide a channel for laboratory scientists and technologists to interact with rural life and its realities thus enabling them to learn from the accumulated knowledge of the villagers’ traditional methods, so that the scientific basis of such knowledge of the ages is understood and its technological improvements attempted

  20. To provide a forum for rural innovators to interact with science and technology experts, so that they imbibe the scientific method in their work, when appropriate, and encourage the multiplication of innovative endeavors

  21. To conduct short term training programmes for rural people to implement science technologies in routine life